​Prices Depend on the Detail/Design of the product
-Individual Cupcakes 
Minimum order of 12
Prices range from $1.75-$2.50 a cupcake

-Cupcake Cakes
Minimum order of 15 cupcakes, some require more due to the design
Prices range from $2.25-$3 a cupcake
-Mini Cupcakes
Bite sized cupcakes, Come in batches of 48 for $25.
-Party Pack
12 cupcakes, assortment of 6  flavors $25

The following cupcake flavors are available
Vanilla, Chocolate, Oreo, Peanut Butter, Funfetti,
Chocolate Chip, and Banana

​        Cookie Cake Varieties

    $25 each
   -Cookie Cake
General Chocolate Chip Cookie, May add nuts if desired
-Sprinkle Cookie Cake
​Cookie Base with Rainbow Sprinkles (No chocolate except if using black icing for design) 
-Brownie Cake
Fudge Brownie with M &M's, May add nuts or peanut butter if desired 

-Brookie Cake
Half Cookie, Half Brownie
-Crownie Cake
Cookie on bottom, brownie on top

Cookie-Brownie Platters 

A mix of chocolate chip cookies and brownies

Small: 6 Brownies, 20 Cookies $25
Medium: 12 Brownies, 40 Cookies $40
​Large: 24 Brownies, 80 Cookies $60

Just Brownies
Small: 24 Brownies $15
Medium: 36 Brownies $30
Large: 48 Brownies $48


$3.50 each. Includes box, ribbon and label
Cupcake Favors & Mini Cookie Cake Favors

Other Items
Lolipop Cookies: Sugar Cookie with Lolipop Baked Inside $1.25 each, Min order of 20
​Oreo Truffles: $2 each, Min order of 20
Coconut Macaroons: $25 a batch, Batches come with 20-27 Macaroons

*We can not guarantee any of our product to be 100% peanut, tree nut, gluten, soy, dairy, wheat or egg free. 

Menu & Pricing Guide

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